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Welcome to the new website of the Council for British Archaeology Wales. If you have any comments or wish to contribute in any way you can use the form on the Contacts page.

The Council for British Archaeology Wales is a charity that serves to promote interest in the historic environment of Wales and to bring together those interested in Welsh archaeology. Its membership is open to individuals and societies. Details of how to join and the benefits of membership can be found on the Membership page. It is one of twelve regional groups of the national organisation, the Council for British Archaeology. CBA Wales campaigns for the local heritage of Wales and supports local groups such as the Young Archaeologists Club. More details of CBA Wales can be found on the About page of this website.

This website has been designed to provide information about the group and to provide a forum for the dissemination of information on archaeology in Wales. We welcome new posts that can be included in our Blog.

A large amount of archaeological information is available online. The Resources pages have been split into two parts, Online Resources and Societies. The Online Resources provide a quick guide with links to some of the major sources of information. The Societies page provides links to societies and local community groups who hold their own programmes of activities and can provide local knowledge and support.

The publications of CBA Wales, our Newsletter and Archaeology in Wales can be accessed on this website. The full contents of the bi-annual Newsletter can be viewed and downloaded in full while the contents pages of the journal Archaeology in Wales can be viewed. Some back numbers of the journal are available to purchase.

We are continuously adding more material to the website, so please let us know if you have any comments or wish to contribute in any way.

Archaeological Achievement Awards

Nominations close 15 September

Now is the time to start preparing your nominations for the Achievement awards. The purpose of the Awards is to reward excellence in the study and practice of archaeology in the United Kingdom and Ireland. There will be 5 award categories and one overall outstanding achievement award:

        • Outstanding Achievement Award
        • Archaeology and Sustainability
        • Public Dissemination or Presentation
        • Engagement and Participation
        • Early Career Archaeologist
        • Learning, Training and Skills

Full details and how to nominate can be found on the National CBA website

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Title: Roman swords discovered in Dead Sea cave 1,900 years after Jewish rebellion Date: September 6, 2023 Source: NBC News Summary: Israeli archaeologists have unveiled

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Each year many excavations take place throughout Wales which welcome volunteers. This is our “job centre” for digs.