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Investigation of an upland farm in a medieval Cistercian landscape

Excavation at Cwm Ffwyn, Abbey Cwmhir

Abbey Cwmhir Heritage Trust is actively investigating a number of sites at an upland farm within what was the Home Grange to the Cistercian Cwmhir Abbey in Radnorshire, Mid Wales.

The Trust hosted public open days on 25/26 July 2021 at its first ever archaeological dig. The public were involved in a whole range of activities including digging, scraping and cleaning, examining finds, surveying… and having a lovely sociable time. We also conducted drone photography of our excavated surface. We discovered a ‘beast house’, of timber construction, with bays for four horses.

Since this first weekend the Trust has established a team of enthusiasts who meet weekly to continue regular excavations at the same upland farm and through this, the team have revealed the footprint and low walls of a late 18th Century/early 19th Century farmstead. The site has been surveyed and finds photographed in order to be analysed.

In 2023 the Trust intends to continue its regular weekly meets and also host another public excavation at a weekend in Summer.
We welcome anyone interested in joining us, to contact Julian Lovell at Further information can be found at, where progress and information about future public excavations is posted.

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