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The Newport Ship

The Newport Ship

The remains of the Newport Medieval Ship were discovered in the banks of the River Usk in 2002 during the construction of the Riverfront Theatre. The ship was excavated and lifted timber by timber. Specialists have now completed recording and conserving all the ship’s timbers and the many artefacts discovered during the excavation and it is now ready for reassembly.

The work so far has uncovered new information about the ship, including its original size and shape, where it was built, the different parts of the world it sailed to, and what its cargo was. With all the timbers again together under one roof, the team are now starting to reassemble an archaeological ship measuring around 30 metres and weighing 25 tonnes. With almost 2,500 pieces, with many missing, it has been called the world’s largest 3D puzzle.

Historians hope to have put the wreckage back together and have it on display within the next five years. The Newport Ship will then be the only15th Century ship exhibited anywhere in the world.

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