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‘Vandalism at its worst’

Concerns were raised over the protection of the ancient site of Llanfechell Cromlech on Anglesey, with one expert describing the current state of the site as “vandalism at its worst” (Image: George Nash)

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Roma boundary forts

Archaeology in the News 11

This set of news extracts includes prehistoric diet, Roman forts and the earliest know map, all recently in the national and international media. Citations and acknowledgements can be found in the source publications. Welsh archaeological news is dealt with elsewhere.

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Archaeology in the News 10

Another set of articles on diverse topics have been published in the national and international media in the last week or so. The subjects have often been covered in different sources but this set can act as a doorway.

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Gower Treasure Trove

Gower Treasure Trove

Two significant treasure finds have been unearthed on the Gower Peninsula, comprising a medieval gold finger-ring and a post-medieval silver seal-matrix.

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