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Many national, regional and local societies with an interest in archaeology and history are open for membership. They provide a wealth of knowledge and experience demonstrating the depth and scope of interest in the archaeology of Wales. The following lists are not comprehensive. We welcome contributions from those organisations not yet listed.

Regional and Local Societies

Abbeycwmhir logo

Abbeycwmhir Heritage Trust: The Trust aims to increase knowledge of the Abbey of Cwmhir in Radnorshire, Powys, Wales where Llywelyn our Last Prince is believed to be buried. The Trust organises talks, leaflets, booklets, field trips and other activities, which are open to the public as well as members, to explore the history of Central Wales. The trust also runs a study group.

Mortimer History Society  Warlike, ambitious and powerful, the Mortimers bestrode the medieval stage. Inextricably linked with the great events of their time, their story is the tale of a turbulent England racked with dissension, rebellion and open warfare at home and abroad. The Mortimer History Society was launched in 2009 to provide a focus and forum for all those who are interested in the medieval Mortimer dynasty and the history of the Welsh Marches. 

Offa Coin

The Offa’s Dyke Association is an independent voluntary organisation that provides information and other services to people who enjoy exploring the heritage and countryside of the England-Wales border. We seek to promote and protect the 1200-year-old Offa’s Dyke and the Offa’s Dyke Path, a National Trail 177 miles long.  The Association manages the Offa’s Dyke Centre at Knighton and encourage archaeological and historical research relating to Offa’s Dyke and the corridor along its length.

Radnorshire coat of arms

The Radnorshire Society was founded in 1929 to promote awareness of the history of Radnorshire and its protection.  It has a library and archive, holds meetings and events, and publishes an annual journal, Transactions, and a Newsletter. It has a field section and has held joint conferences with other societies.  A major current project is the publication of a new history of Radnorshire.

National Organisations, Societies and Special Interest Groups