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Announcements and news of archaeological events, brief reports and activities in Wales.

Posts and press releases are invited from societies, trusts, groups and individuals on any aspect of archaeology in Wales.  All submissions and any queries should be made to Julian RavestThe objective is to promote and increase awareness of the wide range of current activities.


‘Vandalism at its worst’

Concerns were raised over the protection of the ancient site of Llanfechell Cromlech on Anglesey, with one expert describing the current state of the site as “vandalism at its worst” (Image: George Nash)

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Gower Treasure Trove

Gower Treasure Trove

Two significant treasure finds have been unearthed on the Gower Peninsula, comprising a medieval gold finger-ring and a post-medieval silver seal-matrix.

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Toby Driver book

Hillforts of Iron Age Wales

Dr Toby Driver is renowned for his aerial photography and his interpretation of archaeological sites in Wales.  This new book brings together his insightful and beautiful photographs, backed up by his extensive knowledge of Welsh archaeology.

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