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Ancient Gold Coins Discovered in Wales


A remarkable archaeological find has been made in Wales, where metal detectorists discovered gold coins over 2,000 years old. This is the first instance of Iron Age gold coins, known as staters, being unearthed in the country. These 15 precious relics were located on the Welsh island of Anglesey, off its northwest coast. The coins are believed to have been struck between 60 BC and 20 BC and were attributed to the Corieltavi tribe. Historically, this tribe lived in what is now England’s East Midlands, as per a statement by the National Museum Wales.

gold-coins-walesThe discovery was a collective effort, spanning from July 2021 to March 2022. Lloyd Roberts, a seasoned metal detectorist, chanced upon the first coin, expressing his elation at fulfilling a long-held wish. He recounted that his friend, Peter Cockton, subsequently found three more. To ensure these finds were recorded, they contacted the Portable Antiquities Scheme, a body dedicated to archiving such significant archaeological discoveries.

Tim Watson, a newer enthusiast spurred by his father’s encouragement during lockdown, found the sixth coin. Captivated by its pristine condition and unique design, he upgraded his equipment. His enhanced detector led to the discovery of the remaining nine coins soon after.

In terms of design, the coins are intricate and historically significant, drawing inspiration from designs of Philip II of Macedonia. The coins prominently depict Apollo on one side and a distinct triangular-headed horse on the other. While their inherent value suggests limited use in everyday transactions, the coins likely held ceremonial significance. They might have served as elite gifts to foster alliances or demonstrate loyalty. There’s also speculation about their use in copper exchanges or as religious offerings. Given Anglesey’s known historical context as a religious hub, supported by other archaeological finds and Roman records, these coins might have been offerings to deities in times gone by.
[Information from CNN]

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