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Clwydian Range Archaeology Group : Moel Arthur Excavation 2021

Stone adze

After a year with no excavation because of the Covid 19 pandemic, CRAG volunteers, under the direction of Dr Ian Brooks, returned in July 2021 to the site on the Northern flank of Moel Arthur in the Clwydian hills for a month long excavation. The aim was to link the past five years of excavations with a 10m x 47m trench running adjacent to, and to the NE of the previous trenches. This trench also incorporated the 2013 (Burnt mound) trench and the 2015 (Beehive hearth) trench. (See reports on the Clwydian Range Archaeology Group website).

Finds this year included the hammer stones and flint and chert flakes that we have come to expect on this site. Apart from the uncommon ‘Polissoir’, already mentioned , we found a roughly formed, and partly polished, stone adze (a stone which may have come from Mynydd Rhiw on the Llyn Peninsula, and several stone 9 pecking tools similar to those deposited in the stream bed in 2017. A small quantity of charcoal was collected and it is hoped to send this for C14 dating.

For more information see the Groups website:

Source: CBAW Newsletter 63, Spring 2022

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