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Archaeology in the News 2

Below are links to archaeological news as reported by a wide selection of national and international press sources during the last few weeks.  We hope you find this selection interesting.


A revered and powerful female leader revealed by new method to determine sex of old bones 06/07/2023, CNN: A new method for sexing ancient bones has led to the revelation of a once-powerful female leader, known as the “Ivory Lady”. The new technique allows for more accurate gender identification, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of historical societies. Read More

‘Giant’ 300,000-year-old handaxes unearthed in Kent 06/07/2023, The Guardian: Archaeologists in Kent have unearthed ‘giant’ handaxes estimated to be 300,000 years old. This significant find will help understand the technological capabilities of early humans. Read More

Ancient pendant found in Mongolia may be oldest known carving of a penis June 2023, An ancient pendant believed to be the oldest known carving of a penis has been discovered in Mongolia. This discovery provides new insights into ancient cultures and their symbolism. Read More

Ancient Greek altar discovered in Sicily Undated, Yahoo News UK: An ancient Greek altar has been uncovered in Sicily, shedding light on ancient Greek religious practices. The find is significant in understanding the spread and influence of Greek culture. Read More

Modern Virtual Escapades: How Technology is Reimagining Our Experience of Historical Artefacts  PR News Blog: The article discusses how technological advancements are changing our interactions with historical artefacts. Through virtual reality and 3D imaging, historical artefacts are becoming more accessible and immersive. Read More

Archaeologists plan rescue of 2,500-year-old Phoenician shipwreck  The Arab Weekly: Archaeologists are planning to rescue a 2,500-year-old Phoenician shipwreck. The recovery operation aims to protect and study the ancient maritime relic. Read More

Spanish archaeologists plan rescue of 2,500-year-old Phoenician shipwreck  Yahoo News UK: Spanish archaeologists are planning a recovery operation for a 2,500-year-old Phoenician shipwreck. The initiative will shed light on ancient Phoenician seafaring and trade. Read More

‘Significant’ 8,000-year-old Mesolithic pits with animal bones discovered in Bedfordshire  Yahoo News UK: Archaeologists have discovered 8,000-year-old Mesolithic pits filled with animal bones in Bedfordshire. This significant find provides a new understanding of hunting and gathering practices during the Mesolithic period. Read More

‘Amazing’ 2,000-year-old Roman hoard discovered by Suffolk metal detector 29/06/2023, ITV News: A remarkable 2,000-year-old Roman hoard has been discovered by a metal detectorist in Suffolk. The collection provides a glimpse into Roman life and society. Read More

Pompeii Archaeologists Discover 2,000-Year-Old Painting Featuring Pizza-Like Dish  Yahoo News UK: A 2,000-year-old painting depicting a pizza-like dish has been discovered by archaeologists in Pompeii. This discovery provides fascinating insight into ancient Roman culinary practices. Read More

Lost ancient Mayan city discovered in the dense, remote jungle of Mexico by archeologists June 2023, Business Insider: Archaeologists have uncovered the remnants of an ancient Mayan city in the dense, remote jungles of Mexico. This discovery can provide new insights into the Mayan civilization. Read More

Why Are Archaeologists Unable to Find Evidence for a Ruling Class of the Indus Civilization? 23/06/2023, The article discusses the lack of archaeological evidence for a ruling class in the ancient Indus civilization. This absence of hierarchical evidence is in contrast to the social structures observed in other contemporary civilizations. Read More

4,000-year-old ‘Stonehenge of the Netherlands’ unearthed by Dutch archaeologists  MSN: News Dutch archaeologists have unearthed a 4,000-year-old monument, referred to as the ‘Stonehenge of the Netherlands’. The discovery is expected to provide new insights into prehistoric Europe’s ritualistic practices. Read More

Archaeologists to investigate prehistoric settlement and Iron Age fort STV News: Archaeologists are planning to investigate a prehistoric settlement and an Iron Age fort. The exploration aims to shed light on the lives of the inhabitants and their defensive structures. Read More

Face of girl, 16, thought to be one of UK’s first Christians is reconstructed 19/06/2023, The Irish News: The face of a 16-year-old girl, believed to be one of the UK’s first Christians, has been reconstructed. This effort aids in the understanding of the early spread of Christianity in the UK. Read More

Northumbria University forensic scientist uncovers earliest known example of burials among human ancestors  MSN News: A forensic scientist at Northumbria University has discovered the earliest known example of burial practices among human ancestors. This ground breaking discovery provides a deeper understanding of early human cultural and social behaviors. Read More

Excavation showcases Hadrian’s Wall history giving glimpse to life on the Roman frontier 19/06/2023, ITV News: Excavations at Hadrian’s Wall are providing new insights into life on the Roman frontier. These discoveries are helping to reveal the daily lives of the Roman soldiers stationed there. Read More

No attempt has been made to verify any of the information in these sources and no claim to the list being comprehensive is made.  Note that CBA Wales has no control over the content of external sites though care has been taken to select from reputable websites.

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