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Archaeology in the News 3

Sloth pendants
Sloth pendants, see article link below


Below are links to archaeological news as reported by a wide selection of national and international press sources during the last few weeks.  We hope you find this selection interesting.


Marble head unearthed during works in Rome piazza Published on July 7, 2023, CNN Style
During excavation works in a Rome piazza, an ancient marble head was unearthed, adding to the rich archaeological history of the city. The discovery has captured the attention of historians and art enthusiasts alike. Read More: Link

Skeletal remains dating back 1,000 years found on site of planned Dublin hotel Published on 8 July 2023, The National Scotland
Archaeologists discovered skeletal remains dating back a millennium at the location of a proposed hotel in Dublin, offering valuable insights into the city’s ancient past. The findings are shedding light on the historical significance of the area. Read More: Link

Bronze Age human remains uncovered during excavation of Iron Age settlement Published on 10th July 2023, Dorset Eye
Excavations at an Iron Age settlement led to the uncovering of Bronze Age human remains, providing archaeologists with a deeper understanding of the region’s prehistoric inhabitants. The discovery opens new avenues for studying ancient civilizations in the area. Read More: Link

Giant sloth pendants indicate humans settled Americas earlier than thought Published on Wed 12 Jul 2023, The Guardian
The discovery of giant sloth pendants suggests that human settlement in the Americas may have occurred thousands of years earlier than previously believed, challenging existing theories on ancient migrations. The findings are redefining our understanding of early human history in the Americas. Read More: Link and Link

UK’s first vertical space launch to take place on Bronze Age burial site Published on 21 July 2023, The Telegraph
The UK’s inaugural vertical space launch is scheduled to occur on a site that holds a Bronze Age burial, raising concerns about the impact of modern developments on ancient archaeological sites. The project has sparked debates about balancing technological progress with cultural preservation. Read More: Link

China’s ancient Silk Road murals face a new threat – climate change Published on July 19, 2023, CNN Travel
Climate change poses a serious threat to China’s historic Dunhuang murals, which date back centuries and form an essential part of the ancient Silk Road’s cultural heritage. Conservation efforts are urgently needed to safeguard these priceless works of art. Read More: Link

French cave markings said to be oldest known engravings by Neanderthals Published on 21 June 2023, The Guardian
Archaeologists have identified engravings in a French cave as the oldest known artwork created by Neanderthals, offering valuable insights into the artistic abilities and cognitive capabilities of our ancient human relatives. The discovery sheds new light on Neanderthal culture and symbolic expression. Read More: Link

Fossil reveals human ancestors butchered one another for reasons beyond ritual Published on Jube 26, CNN
A fossilized bone discovery suggests that early human ancestors engaged in cannibalism for reasons beyond just ritualistic practices, potentially pointing to more complex social behaviors in prehistoric societies. The finding challenges previous assumptions about ancient human interactions. Read More: Link

Early humans used expert woodwork skills to make hunting weapons – study Published on 19 July 2023, Yahoo! Style UK
A recent study reveals that early humans were highly skilled in woodwork, crafting hunting weapons that showcased their advanced capabilities and resourcefulness. This new understanding provides a glimpse into the sophistication of ancient tool-making techniques. Read More: Link

Archaeologists Use Artificial Intelligence (Ai) To Translate 5,000-Year-Old Cuneiform Tablets  Published on Heritage Daily in June 2023
Archaeologists are employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to decipher and translate ancient cuneiform tablets, providing valuable insights into the written records of ancient civilizations and their languages. This innovative approach promises to unlock the secrets of historical texts that have remained cryptic for millennia. Read More: Link

An ancient Mayan empire city was found in the Mexican jungle Published on June 21, 2023, NBC News
In the depths of the Mexican jungle, archaeologists have unearthed the remains of an ancient Mayan empire city, offering a glimpse into the advanced civilization that once thrived there. The discovery sheds light on the complexity and sophistication of Mayan urban life. Read More: Link

Kitchen shrine serpents and more fascinating new Pompeii discoveries Published on 21 July 2023,
BBC News Recent discoveries in Pompeii, including kitchen shrine serpents, provide intriguing insights into the daily life and religious practices of ancient Roman inhabitants. The ongoing excavations continue to reveal fascinating details about this legendary city buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Read More: Link

Virgil quote found on fragment of Roman jar unearthed in Spain Published on 21 June 2023, The Guardian
Archaeologists excavating in Spain discovered a fragment of a Roman jar with a quote from the ancient poet Virgil inscribed on it, highlighting the widespread influence of Latin literature in the Roman Empire. The find adds to our understanding of cultural connections in the ancient world. Read More: Link

No attempt has been made to verify any of the information in these sources and no claim to the list being comprehensive is made.  Note that CBA Wales has no control over the content of external sites though care has been taken to select from reputable websites.

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