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Archaeology in the News 4

These news items are taken from a variety of sources from UK and beyond, covering many topics which you may have missed.
maya-city-discovery-chart: CNN

Mayan city found by Lidar: CNN image

Below are links to archaeological news as reported by a wide selection of national and international press sources during the last few weeks.  We hope you find this selection interesting.


Illicit whisky stills discovered on Ben Lomond 17/07/2023, The Herald Scotland Hidden away on Ben Lomond, archaeologists have uncovered illicit whisky stills dating back to a bygone era, shedding light on the covert distillation practices of the past. The discovery offers a glimpse into Scotland’s historical relationship with whisky production. Read More: Link

Chemical imaging reveals hidden details in Egyptian paintings 13/07/2023, CNN Through advanced chemical imaging techniques, researchers have revealed concealed details and hidden secrets in ancient Egyptian paintings, providing new insights into the artistic techniques and symbolism used by the ancient civilization. The discovery enhances our understanding of Egyptian art and culture. Read More: Link

Bronze Age gold torc discovered in field near Mistley 15/07/2023, BBC News

In a field near Mistley, an extraordinary Bronze Age gold torc has been unearthed by archaeologists, offering a glimpse into the craftsmanship and adornments of an ancient civilization that once inhabited the area. The discovery enriches our knowledge of prehistoric societies in the region. Read More: Link

Laser mapping reveals a forgotten Maya city 26/07/2023, CNN

Using cutting-edge laser mapping technology, archaeologists have rediscovered a forgotten Maya city hidden beneath the dense foliage of the Central American jungle, shedding light on the urban sophistication and historical significance of this ancient civilization. The find provides crucial information about the extent and complexity of Maya settlements. Read More: Link

Isles of Scilly remains are iron age female warrior, scientists say 26/07/2023, The Guardian

Scientists studying the remains found on the Isles of Scilly have determined that they belong to an Iron Age female warrior, buried with a sword and mirror, offering valuable insights into the roles and status of women in ancient warrior societies. The discovery challenges traditional perceptions of gender roles in prehistoric times. Read More: Link

Israeli cave was ‘portal to the underworld’ where ‘spirits were summoned’, say scientists 24/07/2023, The Jewish Chronicle

Archaeologists studying an Israeli cave have suggested that it once served as a “portal to the underworld,” where ancient rituals involving spirit summoning took place, shedding light on the religious beliefs and practices of the past. The find provides valuable information about ancient spiritual and necromantic traditions. Read More: Link and Link

Remains of tiny Roman pet dog found at villa in Oxfordshire 22/07/2023, MSN

(with additional source) Archaeologists have discovered the remains of a tiny Roman pet dog at a villa in Oxfordshire, shedding light on the human-animal bond and the role of pets in ancient Roman households. The find adds to our understanding of Roman lifestyle and culture. Read More: Link, Read More

More ‘incredible’ finds at dig of 7th-century burial ground on Salisbury Plain 20/07/2023, Yahoo Style

Ongoing excavations at a 7th-century burial ground on Salisbury Plain have yielded more remarkable discoveries, providing valuable insights into the burial practices and rituals of the early medieval period in England. The findings contribute to our knowledge of early Anglo-Saxon societies. Read More: Link

Bronze Age ritual cemetery discovered at planned Shetland spaceport 21/07/2023, Shropshire Star

Archaeologists have uncovered a Bronze Age ritual cemetery at a planned spaceport site in Shetland, revealing evidence of ancient burial practices and religious beliefs of people from that era. The discovery offers a unique window into the spiritual lives of early inhabitants of the region. Read More: Link

Archaeologists at Pompeii have unearthed another extraordinary find 27/07/2023, MSN

In ongoing excavations at Pompeii, archaeologists have made another astonishing discovery, adding to the wealth of artifacts and knowledge about this ancient Roman city buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The find enriches our understanding of life and society in the Roman Empire. Read More: Link

A Pompei in Gaza: Major Archaeological Discovery Announced No specific date provided, The Palestine Chronicle

A significant archaeological discovery has been announced in Gaza, which appears to have parallels to the ancient city of Pompeii. The find promises to provide unique insights into the life and culture of an ancient civilization in the region. Read More: Link

Housing in the landscape setting of Iron Age hillfort would cause irreversible damage 26/07/2023, Shropshire Star

Campaigners have raised concerns that building housing within the landscape setting of an Iron Age hillfort could cause irreversible damage to the historically and culturally significant site. The issue highlights the ongoing debates about balancing modern development with the preservation of archaeological heritage. Read More: Link

What is the history of the hair comb after ‘unparalleled’ 3,000-year-old discovery is made in Wales? 13/07/2023, Yahoo News UK

The recent discovery of a 3,000-year-old hair comb in Wales has sparked interest among archaeologists and historians, prompting questions about ancient grooming practices and the significance of personal care items in ancient societies. The find provides valuable information about everyday life and culture in prehistoric Wales. Read More: Link

Elite Roman man buried with sword may have been ‘restrained’ in death 13/07/2023, MSN

The burial of an elite Roman man accompanied by a sword and possible restraints suggests unique burial practices and social distinctions during the Roman period. The discovery offers valuable insights into the funerary customs and social hierarchies of the time. Read More: Link

‘Liquid gypsum’ burial from Roman Britain scanned in 3D, revealing 1,700-year-old secrets 08/06/2023, LiveScience

The 3D scanning of a ‘liquid gypsum’ burial from Roman Britain has revealed ancient secrets, shedding light on the unique burial practices and materials used by the Romans for certain individuals. The find adds to our knowledge of Roman burial customs and cultural practices. Read More: Link

Emperor Nero’s lost theatre found under the site of a hotel in Rome 27/07/2023, The Guardian

Archaeologists have discovered the lost theatre of Emperor Nero beneath a hotel site in Rome, offering an extraordinary glimpse into the grandeur and opulence of ancient Roman entertainment venues. The find enriches our understanding of the architectural achievements of the Roman Empire. Read More: Link

No attempt has been made to verify any of the information in these sources and no claim to the list being comprehensive is made.  Note that CBA Wales has no control over the content of external sites though care has been taken to select from reputable websites.

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